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About Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE S.A.) was established in Piraeus in 1977. By continuously investing in research and development and implementation of new technologies, EPE S.A. is one of the major companies in the field of environmental protection, offering a variety of services and products in the marine and industrial field.

Focusing on R&D, EPE also designs and manufactures marine equipment such as bilge oil water separators, sewage treatment plants, sacrificial anodes, potable water related, anti-fouling and cathodic protection systems and is classified among the main specialized suppliers of Sacrificial Anodes internationally, with applications to sub-sea infrastructures, shore and land structures, underground pipelines, wind farms, jetties, ships, yachts.

Devoted to the needs of our clients and in establishing loyal, long term relationships we work together as partners for our mutual benefit.

For more information about our company’s activities please visit our site www.epe.gr.

About POLCOR Anodes

POLCOR anodes are internationally well-known as the most reliable and cost effective anodes that have been used in major projects all over the world.
EPE is specialized in the production of sacrificial anodes for marine applications covering all types of vessels, varying from small pleasure crafts to the largest tankers or offshore platform units.
POLCOR sacrificial anodes, welded or bolted, provide corrosion control for the external protection of ship’s hull and for the internal protection of ballast tanks.
EPE also provides Antifouling Anodes for sea chests, seawater strainers or treatment tanks for the prevention of the
marine growth.
The versatile production line can assure manufacturing of customized products according to the special needs of each project, always assuring the quality parameters at every stage.

For additional information please contact us at: polcor@epe.gr or at: Tel: +30 210 40 93000
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