EPE S.A. manufactures and installs Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems, which operate with continuous supply of sufficient electrical power. The ICCP System comprises of rectifiers, transformers, anodes (FeSi anodes Chrom, FeSi anodes normal, MMO-Anodes, Platinized  Titanium Anodes, Anodflex 1500), readers, testing contacts through which  the protection of the structure is secured and monitored on site and / or remotely through internet.

The ICCP system is applicable to sub-sea structures, offshore and land facilities, underground pipelines, bridges, oil tanks, metal buildings, etc. ICCP is produced according to international standards and is certified with ISO 9001 and SCC.

The engineering, production and R&D departments of EPE are manned with specialized and skilled personnel that are able to design and apply an effective cathodic protection system of sacrificial anodes or ICCP to any application. In addition, they can offer services of controlling, measuring, monitoring and reporting on the operating Cathodic Protection System on site or remotely.

For additional information please contact us at: polcor@epe.gr or at: Tel: +30 210 40 93000
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