Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) guarantee the effective prevention of various types of shellfish  in sea chests. Their operation principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. As the copper dissolves into the seawater, an ambient environment is created precluding fouling and protecting the box coolers. The power unit of the system ensures that the copper anodes add the exact require amount of copper molecules to seawater. Perfect protection is guaranteed under all conditions.

Our company can provide Antifouling Spare Anodes (Copper & Aluminium, Copper & Iron, Stainless Steele Cathode) as per customers’ requirements for any kind of Marine Growth Prevention System on board. Our flexible production line ensures very cost efficient rates in addition to our quality control system that guarantees reliable operation of POLCOR spare antifouling anodes.

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